Bob the Builder Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the winners!


Main Winner    

 Owen Wren, age 5


10 Runners Up

 Catherine Potter, age 9

Megan and Zac Berry, age 6 and 5

 Alex Whitman, age 6

 Ryan Taylors, age 2

 Charlie Longhurst, age 4

 Isobelle Hill, age 6

 Reuben Porteous, age 5

 Holly Medhurst, age 7

 Mariah Lovelock -Scantlebury, age 5

 Benjamin Lewis, age 6


The main winner will receive a Bob the Builder:

  • Build & Saw Toolbox,
  • Switch & Fix Bob,
  • a Mash & Mould Construction Site,
  • a Bob Action Figure,
  • a Diecast Vehicle,
  • and Mash and Mould Vehicle.


10 runners up will each receive a Bob the Builder:

  • Bob Action Figure, 
  • a Diecast Vehicle, 
  • and Mash and Mould Vehicle.